Different Hats May Have Something in Common

There are many different types of hats on the market. They vary in shape, color, style, as well as the function. Besides, they are made of different textures and quality so that offer different protection to us. Hats include wide-brimmed hats, cowboy hats, fedora hats and bucket hats, they may have difference and also have something in common. Here are some common hats that we often see in modern society.

No. 1 Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat is one of the most distinctive of all styles, but varies widely in fabric, style and decoration. Its brim may be wide, narrow, straight or curved. The crown is made of a pressed piece of fabric. Although it can be made of straw or other materials, it is usually constructed of felt, but can have deep creases or no creases at all. A “pinch” is a form of creasing in the crown that can be shaped like a diamond, square or oval, and the sweatband is usually made of leather. Headbands personalize the cowboy hat, and the hat comes in a wide range of materials, such as leather, woven textile.

No. 2 Fedora

The fedora has many commons with the cowboy hat but it is more versatile. Just like a cowboy hat, the crown of the fedora is made of a single piece of felt. The way the hat is dented determines the overall shape and style. Although the brim can reach 9 or 10 inches like a cowboy hat, most fedoras stay around 2 or 3 inches and the brim can be turned up or down to achieve a different look. A fedora’s sweatband helps keep its shape on the wearer’s head and is usually made of leather or ribbon. It is often more distinctive and decorative than a cowboy hat. 

No. 3 Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is very similar to a fisherman’s hat. As a matter of fact, the bucket hat originates from a fishing hat in the early 20 century. Nowadays, bucket hats have become one of the most popular hats, which fashion designers rack their brains to renovate the style of old bucket hat. To achieve new look, bucket hats have developed many styles and they are made from different materials which satisfy different needs of people. The bucket hat also is a single piece of fashion accessory that people are fond of wearing it on different occasions.  

No. 4 Baseball Cap

A baseball cap can be worn all year round. However, before you wash the baseball cap, be careful what kind of material it is made of, or it could get messy. Because people often wear baseball caps during warm days, so that make sure the baseball cap have good ability for ventilation. Therefore, most baseball caps have mesh holes to allow air pass through the fabric. Although there are hats with flexible brims that can be stretched to accommodate different head sizes without the need of strings, most baseball caps have separate adjusting buckles to improve adjustability. The sweatband is usually made of a moisture-absorbing material to keep the sweat from getting into the wearer’s eyes.