How to Keep Straw Hats?

Straw hats are the perfect lightweight summer headwear. They are ideal for boating, and playing on the beaches or in the park. Straw hats are cheap and easy to maintain. You may be afraid of straw hats are prone to aging and discoloration, but as long as you keep cleaning and preserve them, they can be worn for many summers. There are some kinds of straw hats, including wide-brimmed straw hats, bucket hat womens and Panama straw hats. These hats will block the summer sun and protect your skin.

Straw hats are often made of natural plant material, such as palm, straw, hemp and reeds. Most natural straw hats are woven and then steamed onto prefabricated blocks to create the shape of the hats. Straw hats can also be constructed of synthetic fibers and by-products of the paper industry. But do you know how to keep them?

Make sure your straw hats dry. If your hats get wet, you should first shake off the water and remove the sweatband, then hang it with a hat rack or something else to let the hat dry naturally. Let your hats dry away from direct sunlight and heat.

After each time you take off your hat, wipe it down with a clean wet cloth. This removes accumulated dust during the day and prevents it from getting into the fabric. It is best to use pure white cloth so that no other color will be transferred to the hat.

Remember handle your hats by the brim, not the crown with clean hands. If you handle by the crown, it will weaken the crown’s ability to hold its shape or create a crease that cannot be fixed.  

When you wash your straw bucket hat, use a soft-bristle brush to clean dirt and debris. Weather, pollen and dust can damage hats. Regular brushing prevents dirt, stains, and discoloration.

Dip a soft cotton cloth into the warm water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and use it to clean the hat. This will help protect the hat’s surface from fraying. Place the cotton cloth in a mixture of alcohol and water and gently wipe the outside of the hat. This will also clean the hat and give it a polished finish.

Stuff the hat with old newspapers to keep its shape during storage. This prevents sagging and dipping between uses and seasons. Or, you can keep the hat in a dry and dark closet to keep its form and shape.

Fix the wet straw hats by turning it inside to allow the inside to dry out. Turn the sweatband outwards to ensure that the entire hat dries. To store a straw hat, it is better to put it into a hat box between uses. Make sure the hat box has lid to cover. A hat box with a lid can protect the straw hat from insects, dust, moisture and sunlight. If you don’t have a hat box, you can use a shoebox to replace. Or you can hang your hats with hooks in a dark closet that would be a reasonable alternative.  

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