Different Hats May Have Something in Common

There are many different types of hats on the market. They vary in shape, color, style, as well as the function. Besides, they are made of different textures and quality so that offer different protection to us. Hats include wide-brimmed hats, cowboy hats, fedora hats and bucket hats, they may have difference and also have something in common. Here are some common hats that we often see in modern society.

No. 1 Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat is one of the most distinctive of all styles, but varies widely in fabric, style and decoration. Its brim may be wide, narrow, straight or curved. The crown is made of a pressed piece of fabric. Although it can be made of straw or other materials, it is usually constructed of felt, but can have deep creases or no creases at all. A “pinch” is a form of creasing in the crown that can be shaped like a diamond, square or oval, and the sweatband is usually made of leather. Headbands personalize the cowboy hat, and the hat comes in a wide range of materials, such as leather, woven textile.

No. 2 Fedora

The fedora has many commons with the cowboy hat but it is more versatile. Just like a cowboy hat, the crown of the fedora is made of a single piece of felt. The way the hat is dented determines the overall shape and style. Although the brim can reach 9 or 10 inches like a cowboy hat, most fedoras stay around 2 or 3 inches and the brim can be turned up or down to achieve a different look. A fedora’s sweatband helps keep its shape on the wearer’s head and is usually made of leather or ribbon. It is often more distinctive and decorative than a cowboy hat. 

No. 3 Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is very similar to a fisherman’s hat. As a matter of fact, the bucket hat originates from a fishing hat in the early 20 century. Nowadays, bucket hats have become one of the most popular hats, which fashion designers rack their brains to renovate the style of old bucket hat. To achieve new look, bucket hats have developed many styles and they are made from different materials which satisfy different needs of people. The bucket hat also is a single piece of fashion accessory that people are fond of wearing it on different occasions.  

No. 4 Baseball Cap

A baseball cap can be worn all year round. However, before you wash the baseball cap, be careful what kind of material it is made of, or it could get messy. Because people often wear baseball caps during warm days, so that make sure the baseball cap have good ability for ventilation. Therefore, most baseball caps have mesh holes to allow air pass through the fabric. Although there are hats with flexible brims that can be stretched to accommodate different head sizes without the need of strings, most baseball caps have separate adjusting buckles to improve adjustability. The sweatband is usually made of a moisture-absorbing material to keep the sweat from getting into the wearer’s eyes. 

Risk Factors and Prevention to Skin Cancer

There are many factors that can increase one’s risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer. People who live at high altitudes or in areas with constant sunshine have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Also, people who spend a lot of time outdoors during the middle of the day are also at higher risk.

Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation appears to be more closely linked to skin cancer, but new research shows that ultraviolet A (UVA) may also play a role in the development of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. UVB radiation can cause sunburn. In addition to causing skin cancer, UVA can also cause aging and wrinkling. Therefore, it’s important to protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation. Because Marcel cell cancer often occurs on the sun-exposed areas of the head and neck, many doctors believe that sun exposure may also be a risk factor for this type of cancer.

People often use tanning beds, solariums or sun lamps that will increase the risk of developing all types of skin cancer. There is no safe amount of indoor tanning. As long as you use any indoor tanning device, it will increase the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma, and this risk increases with more use of indoor tanning devices. People with white skin are more likely to develop skin cancer. People who tend to burn rather than tan also have a higher risk. Regardless of skin color, everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer.

Studies have shown a link between this virus and Merkel cell cancer. MCV is estimated to be present in up to 80% of marcel cell cancers. However, scientists think MCV is common, while Merkel cell cancer is not so. Rough, red or brown scaly patches of skin are called actinic keratosis or Bowen’s disease, which is more common in areas exposed to sunlight.

Although there is no effective way to completely prevent these diseases completely, you can do something to reduce your risk. Reducing exposure to UV rays, especially by reducing time in the sun and avoiding indoor tanning devices, sunbathing, lower the risk of skin cancer.

Sun damage accumulates over time, so it’s important to take measures to reduce sun exposure and avoid sunburn. First, you should avoid going outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Next, wear sun-protective clothing, and these sun-protective clothing includes sun-protective shirt, pants, and sun-protective hats that can protect your face, neck, and ears. Bucket hats for men are more effective than normal hats because they have floppy and moderate brims that offer you the better protection. Choosing material labeled with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) which may provide good protection. Plus, you can match the hat with a pair of the best sunglasses to prevent the glare of the sun from your eyes.

In addition, apply sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days. It is best to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of 30 or more.

Sun Protection Methods

Sun protection must be a daily routine. There are many ways to protect yourself and your skin. Some methods may be more effective than others, but they certainly offer protection to some extent. Normally you would think that the sun, beach, summer and skin are inseparable. But the truth is that sunshine exists 365 days a year in most parts of the world. So whether it’s sunny or cloudy, ultraviolet radiation surrounds us on most days. The UV index can range from 1 to more than 10, and it gets stronger at high elevations, like mountain tops. In this case, the sun’s rays accumulate. As a result, the incidence of skin cancer is rising every year. According to FDA, one person dies every hour from malignant melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. So let’s talk about sun protection in more detail. 

To prevent or delay skin cancers such as Malignant Melanoma, you must do sun protection in your daily life. If you don’t pay attention to sun protection, your eyesight may suffer from Macular Degeneration and other diseases too. It’s easier than you would think. There are many ways to protect your body from head to toe. This will promote a healthier you and healthier skin. After all, the human skin is the largest organ.

Wearing sun hats is the easiest and cheapest method. A baseball cap is not the best choice, as you expose the back of your head, back of your neck as well as your face and ears to the sun and UV rays. Therefore, you need a sun hat which is specially designed for summer. There are many kinds of sun hats, such as straw hats, wide-brimmed hats and bucket hats, which are common hats for wear in the summer. They all provide effective protection from UV radiation for your face, ears and even your neck. A sun hat can keep you cool and comfortable.

Wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection rating will against both UVA and UVB rays. You should choose sunglasses that fit your eyes from side to side and from the top. It would be better if the lenses were polarized. This will help fight the reflections off of the road and other reflective surfaces better, giving a clearer view.

Be sure to regularly apply sunscreen during the summer. You can apply sunscreen in your whole body, including your face. Sun blocks use actual metal particles to reflect the harmful UV rays, while sunscreens use chemicals to absorb the rays. Sunscreen with sun protection factor of 30 or higher should be rated 99% or more for UVA and UVB. You can carry around a small bottle of sunscreen, applying it every two hours preferably.

A hat only protects your head, but your body is probably the most exposed part. Therefore, sun-protective clothing or UV protection clothing is necessary. When you’re traveling or doing outdoor activities, you should wear sun-protective clothing. If you’re going to the beach, UV protection swimsuits and shirts as well as pants will provide protection for your skin.

1920s Women’s Outfits

The jazz boom of the twenties was the golden age of fashion. After World War I, women generally yearned for a simple, comfortable lifestyle that reflected the new modern fashion style. The young women of the 1920s were free, and they created fashion by discarding their corsets and showing off their jazz dancing legs. For example, drop-waist dresses designed for women after 1922. In the 1920s, women for all ages and sizes adopted the clothes and looks of these young girls, allowing them to live care-free lives, pursuing new hobbies and opening new doors to women’s rights. 

The first years of the 1920s were the same as the late Edwardian’s trend: women’s clothing still followed a natural waistline, with full sleeves and ankle length dresses. These clothes were so beautiful and feminine that every woman could wear them. After 1922, women’s waistlines began to drop, and plump waists became thinner and thinner. Hemlines began to rise up to the mid-calf, women wanted shorter and shorter dresses, which gradually rose to just below the knee by 1925 and stayed there until the 1930s.

The top of 1920s dresses were still understated with wide open boat necks or V-necks. Sleeves were usually long, at least elbow length, and sleeveless party dresses could only be worn in the evenings. At home, women’s dresses were decorated with white frills, flounces and ruffles, and were made up in little cotton prints, gingham, plaid and vertical stripes. Oversized white round, shawl or pointed collars were the characteristics of house dresses. Large pockets were very convenient for women to do housework at home.  

When going out, women needed to change clothes into something more appropriate for their events. For running errands, working in an office or department store, or visiting friends in the afternoon, women should wear a solid color dress with a light-colored jacket or wool two-piece suit that matched with the color of the dress. In the church, women wore their best clothes, gloves, hats and bags of the same hue. If a woman were going to a restaurant or a garden party, she would have chosen a hat made of richer fabrics such as silk, satin, organdy or chiffon. White or floral dresses were very common for summer tea parties, plus with a short cap or sleeveless tops. By the late 1920s, women’s afternoon dresses included tired skirts with larger flower corsages decorated one shoulder.

After choosing the primary clothing, a woman would choose a hat or hair ornament to complete her outfit. This was not a time to accessorize, although a hat looked dressier when paired with a dress of one color or other accessories. The most popular hat of the 1920s was the cloche hat in the shape of a helmet. It fitted more tightly to the head and had a low brim, so that women needed to lift their chin up to see where they were walking. The Cloche hat was decorated with a simple ribbon shape, a flower on one side, or a beautiful brooch. There was another hat that was similar to today’s bucket hat but its brim was shorter than the bucket hat.

How to Keep Straw Hats?

Straw hats are the perfect lightweight summer headwear. They are ideal for boating, and playing on the beaches or in the park. Straw hats are cheap and easy to maintain. You may be afraid of straw hats are prone to aging and discoloration, but as long as you keep cleaning and preserve them, they can be worn for many summers. There are some kinds of straw hats, including wide-brimmed straw hats, bucket hat womens and Panama straw hats. These hats will block the summer sun and protect your skin.

Straw hats are often made of natural plant material, such as palm, straw, hemp and reeds. Most natural straw hats are woven and then steamed onto prefabricated blocks to create the shape of the hats. Straw hats can also be constructed of synthetic fibers and by-products of the paper industry. But do you know how to keep them?

Make sure your straw hats dry. If your hats get wet, you should first shake off the water and remove the sweatband, then hang it with a hat rack or something else to let the hat dry naturally. Let your hats dry away from direct sunlight and heat.

After each time you take off your hat, wipe it down with a clean wet cloth. This removes accumulated dust during the day and prevents it from getting into the fabric. It is best to use pure white cloth so that no other color will be transferred to the hat.

Remember handle your hats by the brim, not the crown with clean hands. If you handle by the crown, it will weaken the crown’s ability to hold its shape or create a crease that cannot be fixed.  

When you wash your straw bucket hat, use a soft-bristle brush to clean dirt and debris. Weather, pollen and dust can damage hats. Regular brushing prevents dirt, stains, and discoloration.

Dip a soft cotton cloth into the warm water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and use it to clean the hat. This will help protect the hat’s surface from fraying. Place the cotton cloth in a mixture of alcohol and water and gently wipe the outside of the hat. This will also clean the hat and give it a polished finish.

Stuff the hat with old newspapers to keep its shape during storage. This prevents sagging and dipping between uses and seasons. Or, you can keep the hat in a dry and dark closet to keep its form and shape.

Fix the wet straw hats by turning it inside to allow the inside to dry out. Turn the sweatband outwards to ensure that the entire hat dries. To store a straw hat, it is better to put it into a hat box between uses. Make sure the hat box has lid to cover. A hat box with a lid can protect the straw hat from insects, dust, moisture and sunlight. If you don’t have a hat box, you can use a shoebox to replace. Or you can hang your hats with hooks in a dark closet that would be a reasonable alternative.  

Justin Bieber: the Iconic Trendsetter

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer, songwriter and dancer. He was first discovered by his manger Scooter Braun on his YouTube videos. Since then, he released his first studio album, My World in 2010. After that, he was well known in America. Following he has sold an estimated 140 million records around the world, making him become one of the world’s best-selling music artists.

Most of his music is hip-hop style, while he also adds elements of R&B. He is also a trendsetter. In other words, he is a trend-determiner for he created some styles on the outfit. Especially in recent years, as we can see Bieber become a hat trend oracle. Based on his everyday wear, he always likes to wear a hat, such as beanies, trucker hat, flat brim caps, bucket hats and other hats. Hats are the symbol of a singer, as well as to Justin Bieber. He seems to wear all the latest and greatest hats in the world.

When Justin Bieber became a famous singer, his haircut was also becoming a talking point. He was always in stubble and messy hair, and he was the focus of people whenever he goes. Maybe he doesn’t want to show in that way, so that he wears hats to cover the hair. Or he just wants to be unique. The most important thing is that he led a trend that many people begin to buy the same hats of his.

Now let’s take a look at some of the hats he wore in recent years.

The saggy head sock was very popular in 2008. At that time, Bieber was a teenager with his childlike voice.

The beanie gave his look so bang-heavy, so he used the hat to keep his hair on full display. The saggy beanie was popular in 2011.

The baseball cap is developed with the baseball game. It first appeared in the America where Doubleday organized first baseball movement which was similar to the modern game. In the game, players wore caps to block the sun. Due to its particularity, the brim of the hats is long enough to block the sun’s rays from the eyes, so as to achieve better results. This is the earliest baseball cap.

Justin Bieber worn this bucket hat in 2014, at that time, the bucket hat began to become popular among people. As we can see, this bucket hat is nothing special while some fans and even more people bought it after they saw him wearing it. This hat sold out quickly. The hat is made of 100% polyester which is very light and breathable. Media and some of his fans thought the hat is what toddlers wear on the beach.

Here is another picture that Justin Bieber wore a floral bucket hat. This hat is printed with maple leaves, which looks very stylish. It seems that most hip-hop singers are fond of floral hats. Maybe it can express the style of them. Anyway, no matter what hats he wears, he is always a trendsetter.

Bucket Hats in 2019 Milan Spring/Summer Show

Italian luxury brand Fendi released the men’s collection for the 2019 Spring/ Summer Milan Fashion Week. Silvia Venturini Fendi collaborated with Italian artist Nico Vascellari for the season. The FF letter pattern likes the magic, giving the ordinary silhouette a memorable glow.

As Fendi’s logo once again enjoyed mainstream popularity, the Italian brand re-examined the concept of the name of the Spring/Summer 2019 series. Fendi became “Fiend” and Roma changed to “Amor” for the collection.

The brand used dark tones to create a street style. The use of mesh gave a sporty vibe with jackets, button-down shirts and even pants. At the same time, black and brown are juxtaposed with red and white to form a contrast.

The accessories included waist packs, Cuban shirts, sports suits and sporty sandals with open toes. Double F letters and stripes are the funky passcodes for this season’s Fendi pieces, and the romantic retro mood blends perfectly with the dark.

Fendi is rebellious, retro and modern. In the past two years, Fendi has been quite capable of applying the double F standard. The double F standard was originally from Karl Lagerfeld. In the spring and summer of 2018, Fendi restarted the long-dormant classic double F in the show. It can be said that it is full of confidence and widely promoted.

Whether it’s a mesh dark suit or a leather jacket, Fendi used more comfortable and wearable fabrics in this season. Meanwhile, bucket bags, bucket hats for hip-hop style, the waist bag and sporty shoes all featured in this season’s Fendi show.

This double-faced short jacket is printed with a yellow double F letter, with a white T-shirt underneath, and pairing with the printed brown double F letter leather bucket hat on the head, plus a pair of trousers. The front of the hat was clearly marked with the logo of Fendi. The entire bucket hat is printed with double F marks. The outfit is a combination of yellow and brown. The bucket hat with brown double F letters echoes the clothes on the model. This suit is very fashionable and modern.

The dark brown bucket hat is pairing with a black coat, with a brown shirt underneath, plus a pair of beige pants. The overall look of the model is fashionable, which is suitable for spring.

The color of white and brown intertwine with each other. The model wears a white bucket hat, pairing with a white and brown striped shirt, plus a pair of shorts, which is really suitable for men to wear in the summer.

This double-faced short jacket is printed with red double F letters, pairing with red pants. This outfit is adopted the red and black colors, adding a bucket hat with snakeskin prints, which is very bold enough to show the modern style of the men.

The classic double F print has played a major role in this season, including jackets, shirts, shorts and bucket hats. It evenly distributed in a variety of colors, and it is very stylish and full of hip-hop sense.

Bucket Hats in 2019 New York Spring/Summer Show

The trend in Fashion Week inevitably updates your clothing in your wardrobe. Whether it’s on the runway or on the street style, you are immersed in this season’s trends, silhouettes and styling ideas, the only thing you need to note is that to keep up with this trend in advance. However, you can choose a handful of moments that are related to a wider range of themes and directions, and you can incorporate them into your closet as soon as possible.

During the fashion month, stylish ladies appearing on the streets of Milan, Paris, New York and London, showcase the latest and greatest accessory looks for the first time. If you are ready to accept some fresh inspiration, here we will introduce you the fashion trend from the Spring/Summer of 2019 Fashion Weeks.  

Accessories can either make or break an outfit. Therefore, it is important to make sure that every choice you make is correct. Of course, if you don’t have the right inspiration, choosing a perfect bag or a hat can be a challenge. Fortunately, the world’s top street fashion stars provide you with a variety of fresh and exciting ideas.

The bucket hat once comes back. This classic accessory of the 1990s once again reached the pinnacle of fashion. So if you are looking for a new and fashionable way to protect your face from the sun, be sure to add it to your summer travel gear. This casual and stylish bucket hat is perfect for your everyday wear. Whether it’s a solid colored or a patterned hat, the bucket hat adds associate on-trend edge to any outfit. It can be easily paired with dresses, suits and more.

In the 2019 New York Spring/Summer Fashion week, the bucket hat has been adopted to the outfits of models.

From beauty make up to clothing, Anna Sui is a brand with a rebellious style. What makes people obsessed is the Anna Sui’s print that is dreamy and mysterious. Anna Sui once said “I am crazy about prints”, for which she created a gorgeous Anna Sui era. Anna Sui’s Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show features exotic floral prints, such as headscarves and bucket hats. This season still used bright colorific contrast. Plaid and floral elements are still the theme of this season.

This tie-dye print bucket hat paired with Mermaid printed crepe yarn pants, which looks stunning. The combining of black and red is full of girlish romantic feelings. The outfit is suitable for you to wear in summer, and the bucket hat is also can be matched with your casual wear.

This bucket hat is very fresh and elegant with hibiscus patterns, which is known as the ‘desert rose’ in North America. The bucket hat is matched with the silk wadding clothes. The overall look is very charming. This bucket hat has good breathability. It is best for you to wear the hat in the spring or summer.

This orange-colored floral bucket hat is very stylish with a long skirt and yellow coat, and it looks very neutral. The solid construction makes it stay on your head even in the strong wind.